Good/Bad: Highlights of the week – 27 March

So I had yesterday off work and I forgot to post! However, today is back to work and into harness, I feel that I’m tired beyond the telling of it but I have three weeks of work before I get a whole week off and as those weeks are thanks to Easter and yesterday’s leave all four day weeks. I just need to suck it up and get through it! Here’s the good and bad from last week…


  • Migraine week and darker mornings. The combination was a kick in the head on Monday morning. I know it’s only temporary and if I compare how I felt through March to how I was feeling in January, I know that I’m functioning better but I’m ready for it to be summer and to feel better.
  • Not getting things crossed off the list. I took Monday off work to get stuff done and didn’t really get everything I wanted to do done.


  • Not having a migraine this week. Given the above if it was going to happen it was going to happen this week and it didn’t. I’m not cured,  they are a problem and probably going to be for a while (perimenopause sucks) but I didn’t have one this month and I’m going to be grateful on the slight offchance that gratitude can help

  • Gin club made me really clean the kitchen. I do clean and I am tidy but knowing that someone, besides my mother, was going to be in the house as well as increasing light levels (that why we spring clean, we can see the dirt for the first time in months!) made me scrub the floors and the skirting boards in the kitchen. You’d only notice the skirting boards, the floors in my house never look clean, but at least I did it.
  • Gin Club. It was so much fun.

  • A weekend where I did things for other people. Sometimes it’s really easy to get locked into work and what you’re doing. This weekend, I babysat for friends and helped another friend with some weeding.


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