Allotment Adventures: The best laid plans

As I said last week, the plot is just waiting for the warmer weather to get going. Last week, we left it weeded within an inch of its life, with planted potatoes and some grape hyacinths.

This week, I was hoping to do some serious work on the plot. Its the second to last weekend I’m allowed to burn things so I wanted to get on that, but I also wanted to plant peas, plant out the sweetpeas and sow beetroot, spinach, salad leaves and some flower seeds. I was also hoping to build and install the base for the shed.

Then I encountered some issues:

  • First and most serious, Ma fell over and cut her head open requiring stitches! She’s fine (she has a hard head) but her physical activity this weekend was limited (and rightly so), so I lost my helper.
  • Second and more annoyingly, my shed base, ordered on 6 March has still not arrived. I’ve chased and it is now going to be delivered tomorrow.
  • Third, it had been quite a wet week, which made setting things on fire tricky.
  • Finally, because of weekend plans (yes I do sometimes have them) meant that the only time I had to do any of this was on Saturday.

As it was I did very little on my plot except dig over some ground for peas. I helped my new neighbour (she’s moving in to keep the plot cultivated while we can’t let to new people) take a rusting frame down and got an old tin bath, that I plan to use for carrots, in return. You can see the upside down bath and you should be able to make out where the peas will go at the bottom of the shed space and in between the raspberries and rhubarb. Any spare space will have sweet peas and wildflowers.

Indoors I potted on the Orange Banana tomatoes. They all came up and I’ve found homes for 8 of them and I’m keeping 10 for me. I’ve also sown the cherry tomatoes (Jen’s Tangerine) and potted on some of the patty pan. I’ve found homes for 3 of my spares and I’ll keep two for planting out in May. None of the courgette seeds came up and none of the Wautoma cukes, though the Minature White and the Boothby’s Blonde all came up and are doing well. Three of the crookneck came up with two MIA. I’ve re-sown some Wautoma’s and I’ll sow more courgettes and the Amish Paste tomatoes sometime in the next couple of weeks. Then I’ll start on the winter squash. Hopefully by August, the living room will be just a living room and not a living room/greenhouse. Theoretically, I can have a poly tunnel and a shed on the same plot but I don’t feel that I really have enough room, so until I get another half plot (can you hear that, that’s the sound of my mother shouting no….) I’ll have to manage but I’m hoping that next year, I’ll have a plastic greenhouse thing like this.

On the plot, the garlic and onions are doing really well and looking less wind and rainswept.The gooseberry bushes are in flower and so is the plum tree.I think that overall the plot looks good but there is quite a bit of work to do next weekend.

  • finish prepping pea beds, build frames, sow peas
  • prep salad bed and sow beetroot, spinach, lambs lettuce and lettuce
  • sow carrots and radishes
  • plant out sweet peas
  • sow nasturtiums, poppies, california poppies
  • build shed base
  • burn and/or clear weed pile
  • start prepping boxes for winter squash
  • do any weeding that needs to be done
  • indoors sow more courgettes and tomatoes

That’s a busy day and I’ve volunteered to help a friend clear her plot in preparation for growing. So I’m going to be all allotment all the time, until Sunday afternoon. I have Monday off work to recover!



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