March Photos – Part Two

Waiting. 13 March. Train service imploding on a Monday morning.Leeks. 15 March. Sown in deeper pots this time.Future Food. 16 March. CucumbersWine with mother. 16 March. Before the cinemaBlue Sky. 17 March. MorningA bad photo of a good haircut. 17 March. On the way home, I think I spent most of that Friday on public transport.Whiskey. 17 March. St Patrick’s Day and the only paddywhackery we indulge in.Powerless in the face of a bargain. 18 March. £1.50 in Homebase and destined for the plotChard. 19 March. It’s starting to grow againCut flowers. 20 March. These ones fell off when I was planting them.Tomato. 24 March. I potted the tomatoes on, These are the Orange Banana TomsCucumber. 24 March. They’re starting to get their true leaves.Blossom. 25 March. The fruit trees are starting to blossom at the allotmentsPurple. 25 March. A week in the ground and they changed colourSunset. 26 March. Lighter evening and a pretty sky

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