Good/Bad: Highlights of the week – 20 March

Thinking about this week, it was deeply average, I survived to live another week and had a lovely weekend but I was in a funk last week…


Family Time. It was Mother’s Day yesterday which meant we got to spend the day celebrating Ma and Laura. Laura cooked lunch and we all entertained and were entertained by the boys.

The clocks went forward. I know that we lost an hours sleep and that some studies have shown that the rate of heart attacks go up after the change to BST (and down in October when we return to GMT) but I’m always happier in the summer and it means lighter evenings and in theory I could get some evening time on the plot.

Extra money. Due to work mucking about with my season ticket loan, I’ve paid it off earlier than expected, so next payday will give me a bit more than usual.


Total lack of pep. I don’t quite know why, I’m blaming PMS but I struggled this week. Some weeks just feel hard without actually being difficult and last week was that kind of week.

Plans for this week.

I’ll be going to a ward meeting tomorrow night, enjoying the lighter evenings, working from home on Thursday and hosting the first ever Gin Club, working hard on the plot and babysitting for the Baxters.




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