I’m a proud Londoner and I come from a family (at least some of it) of Londoners. So it would feel wrong not in some way to mention what happened yesterday, at the same time, I don’t want to be hysterical about it.

So yesterday a madman killed four people and seriously injured several more. I don’t care why he thought that he was justified, he wasn’t. I also want to stress that we don’t have answers yet. So I will pray for the families of the dead and for the living and I will pray that people learn that violence doesn’t solve anything.

At the same time because I am a Londoner, I will go about my day to day living. Just like my family did in the 70’s and 80’s, just like I did in 2001 after the Ealing bombing. I will remember that one person doesn’t represent a whole religion and that people can change their minds and their hearts. (If I need to be reminded of that then I’ll look at Martin McGuinness’ funeral, which will be attended by a woman who’s father was targeted by IRA terrorists). I will remember that we don’t defend our rights and freedoms by taking them away from others. I will remember that terrorists want my hate and anger.I’m Londoner, I won’t let them win.

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