Friday Links 

Happy Friday and for those of you that celebrate it, or like me just use it as a handy excuse to drink whiskey and Guiness, Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Disciples of a false prophet

Mount Etna is the world’s most active volcano and it went bang…

Planning for the death of the Queen. Honestly, bar having a day off for the funeral and my worries about her son overreaching as King, I hadn’t really given it much thought.

This is one of the most Christian responses to the issue of women priests and the Philip North fiasco I have read.

I’m 35 and I love gardening, deal with it. Yep, except I’m 43 and obsessed with my allotment!

Theresa May hung her chancellor out to dry. Didn’t she just. She is not a leader, she seems to have worked hard to be Prime Minister but she has no idea what to do next except not get in trouble. And as Simon Jenkins says…

She may have intended to discredit him, but she discredited herself. She made him look foolish, and damaged his authority within cabinet and on the backbenches: in itself a dangerous move. But she devastated her position within the government as a leader prepared to stand up for what she believed was a sound policy in the public interest.

The debate sparked by Samuel L. Jackson about black British actors being used over African-American ones, has been interesting. David Harewood has written about it. Given how many really talented black British actors have to go and work in the US because of the lack of opportunity here, I reckon they have more in common than not.


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  1. Thanks for the link. Glad it resonated for you.

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