On Mondays, I used to do a recap of the previous week. I stopped because there were only so many ways I could say, ‘went to work, had a cold’. It got monotonous but I did like looking back on the week.

So I am shamelessly borrowing from Jenny at this tiny blue house and listing the highs and lows of last week.


Lighter mornings and evenings. Leaving the house in the dark is not fun, so I’m relived that the days are getting longer and it’s light when I leave the house. Sometimes, it’s even sunny (but it’s England so not every day!)

The joys of a spreadsheet. I’ve been feeling a little bit financially stressed due to some unexpected, couldn’t be helped spending this week. Also the water bill came in and I’m still waiting to find out how much bigger the council tax bill will be this year. To top it off there was a pensions briefing at work. I was feeling quite disheartened by all this. But I updated the spreadsheet, looked at the numbers and feel better. I don’t feel richer but I do feel in control and knowing where you stand is half the battle!Working on the plot. Ma and I spent a couple of hours on the allotment on Saturday, the weather was amazing and we did some weeding and sorted out where various things are going. I sowed borage and coriander and chives. The raspberries, gooseberries, blackcurrant and plum are all in bud and got a thorough weed. It’s good to get back into it.


Losing my travelcard on Monday morning. Ok it was  the last week before it ran out and I was working from home on Friday but it was £30 that I’d rather have spent on something else. Also annoying, leaving the house at 7.30am on Monday morning and not getting to work until gone 9am, because of all the too-ing and fro-ing from the station.Sleep. This is something I’ve struggled with for years. I know and do all the things that promote good sleep hygiene but sometimes my body stops being able to sleep properly. I couldn’t tell you why, it just happens. The I’ve been doing all the right things but I’m not sleeping well this week. It might be time for a sleeping pill so I can get a straight 8 hours.Sunday Slump. I had a busy week and weekend, and by Sunday I was peopled out and blue. This is not a new feeling, I’m naturally a depressive person, and what works for my is  striking a balance between allowing myself to be a bit down and not giving entirely into it. So I didn’t see anyone on Sunday but I did sort my flat and self out so that I’m ready for the work week.

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2 Responses to Good/Bad

  1. plot34 says:

    Boo to losing your travelcard. Paddington was a bit mad this morning.

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