Friday Links

Happy Friday!  I have a ridiculous amount of work to do today, but I’m working from home so I can also get some washing done, it truly is all about the little things this week!

Lovely idea but it still doesn’t tempt me to go to Liverpool. Sorry, not sorry…

I learned how to do math with the ancient abacus — and it changed my life. Notable for the phrase ‘numerical trepidations’, I recognise that state of being!

I am the rogue Chelsea supporter in my immediate family. The rest of them are QPR, this is very sad. An afternoon with Stan Bowles.

Food inflation doubles. I’ve noticed.

Holding Trump accountable.

The case for universal income.

How to retire successfully.

Jenni Murray has landed herself in the centre of it again. I understand what she’s saying. The thing is that gender and sex are complex issues. I’m all for people transitioning if it makes them happy. My experience, is that some transwomen, because they were socialised as boys, still expect their voices and their experiences to be the only ones that matter. I was furious a couple of years ago when there was a study about what we could learn from people who transitioned and one of the points was that women’s opinions, thoughts and ideas were ignored. Look I didn’t need someone who used to be a man to tell me that, I’ve lived it. This information was being presented as if it was a brand new concept and more valid because they used to be men. It’s male privilege.  Transwomen never had the boys at school pinging their bra straps, shouting them down in class . Never dealt with being considered less. One of the best pieces of advice I ever got about joining new groups was to sit back and listen, to understand a group before I leapt in with suggestions as to how to change things up. That and some understanding on both sides is needed.

Minimalism as a form of conspicous consumption.

Children and sleep disorders. Interesting, although some of it has to be about parenting!

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