Friday Links

Happy Friday! and Happy Christmas Eve Eve! I’m so glad to finally get to Christmas and a couple of days off work and routine!

There probably won’t be links next week, unless something else truly dreadful happens, so I’m going to be optimistic and say see you next year!

On the genuis of Stevie Wonder.

Trump can’t protect the US from foreign enemies because he’s too busy targeting domestic ones. Interesting…

Homeless and working. This is wrong. It’s wrong.

Why “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” became an annual controversy about date rape and consent. I totally get why people find it problematic, I still love it and it’s a song.

This was interesting. Working-Class Parents’ Investment in “Self-Reliance” Is Working Against Their Best Interests. I wonder if that translates to the UK, given that we have better maternity leave provisions. But mostly, what the hell is up with Americans and their fear of government?

Honest Christmas cards.

7 things to know about the winter solstice.

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