Life Happened:

I’m feeling that the Monday posts are dull, less ‘Life Happened’ than, life is exactly the same every week and Nic has another cold.

Last week wasn’t all that different. I got up, I went to work, I focused on getting to work early which meant that I got to see a couple of pretty sunrises…I was bunged up and slept badly which meant that lost track of the days and I pretty much ignored the housework, though I did manage to make a batch of mincemeat.

I freaked out about Christmas, until I remembered not to and I played Christmas music in an attempt to cheer the hell up…

I did not go to the company work Christmas party because I’m over having to dress up to spend an evening with colleagues and because I was saving myself for the ginvert pop up on Saturday. The godchildren were round for a last minute change to the Christmas playlist.

Saturday was ginvent speed tasting. Which was fun, more on that later this week…Ryan came to dinnerI popped round the allotment for herbs, I know that it’s winter and it’s supposed to look bleak (that’s why they call it the bleak midwinter..) but it’s such a change compared to four months ago when we could barely keep up with the produce…On Sunday I finally cleaned the oven and then went to Kathy and Adam’s for Sunday lunch  and to hear all about the children’s Christmas concerts (with my own personal show!). They were (are) lovely and full of beans just in time for the school holidays! Poor Kathy and Adam…

I came home and mucked about a bit and got ready for work next week. It’s a four and a half day week but I’m on my own for a couple of days and it’s not at all a problem but I’m ready for the Christmas break, even if I haven’t done any of the Christmas things I need to do yet!

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