Food and Budget Update: 10/12 to 16/12/2016

This is the penultimate food and budget update for the year, I’m not going to monitor the last week of the year which includes Christmas because rules relax for Christmas!


Shopping was mostly all done at Lidl with a short stop at Tescos and Sainsburys it came to £13.71. I got everything on the list, plus pasta, black pudding and pears.


I was out early on Saturday, breakfast was coffee and an apricot pastry. Lunch was hummus and vegetables and dinner was chilli at Justin and Sarah’s.

Sunday was a lazy day, I ate eggs and black pudding for breakfast and again for dinner. I also cooked pulled pork in barbeque sauce but didn’t really eat much of it!img_5554Monday’s breakfast was fruit and lunch was pulled pork and mashed potatoes with some vegetables.img_5556Dinner was pulled pork in a tortilla, I feel it would giving it a far too elevated status to call it a taco! There was extra vegetables too.img_5558Tuesday’s breakfast and lunch were a repeat of Monday and dinner was pasta and mushroom sauce (the mushrooms were sautéed with balsamic and a splash of marsala)img_5559Wednesday’s breakfast was the usual fruit with the addition of a free yoghurt pouch being given out at Paddington Station.img_5562Lunch was leftovers from Tuesday. I didn’t get to dinner on Wednesday, Ma and I did some food shopping for Christmas and had a gin and tonic but I wasn’t up for eating. I did cook some rice for Thursday’s lunch though.

Thursday was fruit for breakfast and curry (defrosted from the freezer) and rice for lunch, I didn’t take a photo of it but it looked a bit like this!img_5485Dinner was a mishmash of vegetables with black eyed beans and an egg.Friday breakfast was fruit and lunch were leftovers from the night before. Dinner was pizza!


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