Life Happened: First Aid, the nephews and Ma has another birthday!

I was in the office for exactly one and half day this week. I spent the first half on a First Aid course and because I booked the one in Ealing, I got to walk to ‘work’ Monday to Wednesday. Which was lovely!

The day and half in the office were fraught but are done now. On Friday, I was up to Watford to babysit the nephews. They were a delight. Oli is just fun nowadays, we played monopoly, he helped make pizza for dinner and he’s into everything. Joe was teething. He’s the happiest, unhappy baby I know and he’s really trying to talk and getting into things.After they were all in bed, Kurt came out to get some attention.Then this happened

The next morning was more crazy town with the boys and family lunch for Oli and Ma’s birthdays..I have managed to pick up another cold, well it’s been a nearly 8 weeks since the last one so probably about time. The nice thing about this is that it is just a cold, I’m snotty and a bit tired but I’m not coughing, it’s good to know that although my immune system is shot, it hasn’t set off the asthma!

Sunday was Ma’s birthday! I cooked the requested lunch of leek, anchovy and goats cheese tart There was also gin…In things not going quite to plan the shower screen fell off the wall (fortunately not while I was in the shower!)

A pretty good week in all…

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