Life Happened: Drudge

It was another straightforward week.

Oli turned 7img_5436Getting into work was an experience in frustration every day.

and stupid questions abounded

I had a flu jab, slept loads, painted my nailsimg_5450did some work at the allotment On Saturday night I babysat for Kathy and Adam, the children were a delight and I got to watch Match of the Day and it was a weekend where Chelsea won!

On Sunday, I did very little. I was supposed to go Kathy and Adam’s for a belated Thanksgiving but I just didn’t have the emotional energy for other people. I’m a natural introvert, that combined with a month were I have pushed through, done well at not being a complete hermit and given that it’s the end of the month, I just didn’t have a conversation in me. I was sad to miss the fun but I needed a day in my head because the coming week is going to be busy and I needed to charge for it!

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