Food and Budget Update: 19/11 to 25/11/2016

The return of some food prep! That’s all about to go out of the window in the next couple of weeks because my weekends are about to get busy again but it’s a good start and reminds me that I can do it!


img_5414_2Shopping at Lidl was £5.15 and Sainsburys shop was 3.55 at total of £8.70


Saturday night dinner was chana masala and dahl with rice and flatbreads.Sunday morning we ate scrambled eggs and flatbreads and on Sunday night I was out for dinner.

Breakfasts for the rest of the week were egg rolls.Lunches were Saturday’s leftovers with flatbread

Monday was stir fried vegetables.

Tuesday was a burgerWednesday was pasta and green beans. I was stupidly tired on Thursday and had a bowl of pasta with cheese, sometimes you just want to eat and then fall flat on your face, Thursday was that day.

Friday was pizza because it was Friday

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