What I’ve Read – October 2016

October has not been a reading month. No real reason, I’ve been sick and or busy and while generally on work days I read for about an hour a day, the weekends have been busy with allotment, nephews and rescuing my flat from coughing related neglect. I really need to get all of my library books read and back to the library and work on my TBR pile, it isn’t growing much but I would like to make more of a dent in it by the end of the year.

Uprooted – Naomi Novik (library book)

I wasn’t sure about this and then it just clicked and I really enjoyed it. I actually enjoyed that she learns to stand by herself and that the resolution was complex but at it’s heart really simple.

City of Mirrors – Justin Cronin (library book)

Finally got around to this. It’s the last book in the trilogy and I had found the middle book a bit of a slog. I liked this one better, there is a proper resolution and some of them are open ended. Do I think it would have taken thousand years for society to rebuilt itself, nope, I think it would have taken longer but it was a satisfying end to the story.

The Leopard King – Ann Aguirre (borrowed)

I really enjoyed this but having set up that the hero has basically been mourning self destructingly for three years, I found he got over it all too quickly as did the heroine. Either he didn’t love his wife as much as he thought or you know the magic of regular sex. I wasn’t convinced but other than that, I enjoyed it and I’m up for reading the next seven planned books.

Using the Plot: Tales of an Allotment Chef – Paul Merrett (library book)

I used to own this book and I gave it away as I didn’t think I’d use it. I enjoyed the first half of the book which documents Merrett getting an allotment, actually I know where they are as they’re local to me. I didn’t find the recipes as useful. I really want to know what happened next. Do they still have an allotment? Did having an allotment change his cooking? I need more information.

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