Friday Links

Happy Friday! Well, it’s been a week, while I’m glad to get to the end of it and am looking forward to the weekend, it’s going to be another busy one…

Here are this week’s links…

Austerity and then chicanery: how the Tories target cash-strapped Labour councils. They’ve always done it, it’s not new, it’s still scary.

Giles Fraser on the folly of the Garden Bridge.

Si monumentum requiris, circumspice” is Wren’s epitaph, in the crypt of St Paul’s. “If you seek his monument, look around.” If this bridge is built, they should erect the same sign for Johnson along its route. For his legacy to London has been to litter it with ego-driven projects, with fancy high-rise glass towers, owned offshore, lights never on. They are his epitaph. Designed to impress but with little to offer the majority of ordinary Londoners. Just like the garden bridge itself.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is clever and seems like a nice guy.

Jeremy Corbyn was re-elected as the leader of the Labour Party this weekend. This just about sums up my view..

Family dinners and ritual. I have to admit I find this slightly hilarious, not because of the ritual, I’m a huge fan of ritual in food, which is why I always cook lamb for Easter and Friday Night Pizza. What is making me laugh is the idea of mothers cooking food that they hope will lure their children home. It’s such a modern invention, my mother cooked because she had too, the last time she cooked for us as a family and cooked something we loved to eat as children (roly-poly and no I have no idea why we called it that. Ma care to comment..) was when her kitchen got replaced at the old flat. Cooking is not why we love her or keep in touch. Nowadays most big family meals happen at my house or restaurants, although I know that Ben and Lu and the boys eat together. But the foods that become special to children happen without us realising it. Oli’s comment about where Aunty Nic’s ‘delicious bread’ was at one family lunch and the way I try and involve Oli in one cooking task when we babysit, which is all about me and what I want Oli to remember about spending time with me. So in my experience, mothers don’t do this, but aunties go nuts with it!!

23 ways you’re making your martini wrong. Also Jared Brown is such a good person to talk to about gin and all other alcohol related stuff, he just knows so much and this quote is lovely…

“I have an enormous advantage, as I spent years tailoring a gin to my own palate – Sipsmith. Drink your way through all the possible choices until you’ve found your favourite, or have reached the same conclusion as me – that Sipsmith is the best.”

And my martinis are 3 parts gin to one part vermouth. I will happily drink drier martinis to the point of Churchill’s wave the glass in the direction of France instructions but this this is my go to. With a twist, not an olive but if you like olives or even onions for a gibson, knock yourself out. Serve me vodka in a martini and we can never be friends, why would you do that to me?

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