Food and Budget Update: 13/08 to 19/08/2016


I did manage shopping this week but not until Sunday, split between Lidl and Sainsburys it came to £10.98. I did not manage to remember to photograph it, I can more or less remember what was in it though. Milk, eggs, flour, cheese (feta and cream cheese), sugar, butter, onions, carrots, baby tomatoes, an aubergine, tortillas, mushrooms.

Not a lot of surprises, the allotment haul was courgettes, peas, french beans, plums and salad leaves. The usual!img_4760


We came back from the allotment on Saturday, tired and hungry. We ate cheese and then after showers and champagne (birthdays are a week long celebration this was the end of it!). We had lamb burgers and grilled courgettes.On Sunday, Ma left before breakfast and I wasn’t really in a food mood, which translates as ‘it was hot and I was tired and it was easier not to eat than have to cook’. I did eventually make some soup for work lunches this week so I had some of that. It was awesome soup. Courgette, pea, green beans and mint. The only things in it not grown by me were the butter and the onions, but that’s not only why it tasted so good!

I had planned vegetables, hummus and an egg for breakfasts this week, but I didn’t get to making the hummus and on Monday morning I didn’t get to eating breakfast. I know it’s important but I wasn’t hungry and if you’re not hungry why eat? I had some grapes mid-morning and soup for lunch.

I was determined to make a dent in the courgette surplus this week so on Monday night, I had grilled courgettes with salad and feta. I also made a courgette cake to take into work and a couple of back up ones for the freezer!Tuesday night dinner was a roasted veg and salad tortilla.img_4788Then it all went a bit wrong. I caught some kind of tummy bug and it wasn’t pleasant, I left work early on Wednesday and the only thing I ate was plain tortillas.

Thursday I ate soup for lunch and plain pasta for dinner (oh and some Jelly Babies!)

Friday was more or less back to normal but with no appetite during the day, pizza for dinner.


There is still too much food in the house but I’m running through flour, eggs and sugar like there is no tomorrow! This is largely due to my courgette cake baking habit. I’ve made 6 courgette cakes (I’ll talk more about later) but I’ve given away 4 and have two in the freezer. I’ve noticed that, tummy bug aside, it feels like I have lots of food options at the moment and although that’s great, I’m not being as structured about planning my food for the week. This is no bad thing there’s always something I can eat but I am aware that sometimes my food choices aren’t as good as they could be. I’m doing a lot of preserving food though, pickled courgettes, plum jam, all the courgette cakes, frozen green beans and soup in the freezer. With any luck the tomatoes will probably start to come in and I’ll be working on those too. I need to be a little more focused in the kitchen but overall things are good.





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