Allotment Adventures: The Courgette Glut

Everything I’ve ever read about growing vegetables, will note that courgettes are easy to grow and you will have a glut of them. img_4394I was ridiculously excited about my first ever courgette in June, at the end of last week, I had picked 14 courgettes and on Monday, another 8. We are in courgette glut. I’m quite enjoying it.

Other things that are going well. Sweet peasimg_4621You have to pick them to encourage them to continuing to flower, and there are more every time I go to do the watering. I have actual pea pods with peas in them and tiny french beans, I also grew radishes, which makes me happy.img_4631The salad got a wall and we collected loads of seeds from the afgan poppies, which makes Ma happy as she wants to pull them up, they are absolutely in a bad spot and we did a bit of planning of the space.img_4635Tasks for next week are potting strawberry runners, cutting back the raspberries, weeding and burning the dead plants pile!

It’s vain but I want the place to look as good as it can before my brother and Jo come next week and as I am my mother’s daughter that means tidy!


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