Food and Budget Update: 16/07 to 22/07/2016


I have to confess this week I cheated. On Saturday night. I went to Marks and Spencer and bought the £10 meal for two. A chicken, roasted veg, profiteroles and a bottle of wine. The rest of the week’s shopping came to £7.78 and looked like this.img_4587So that’s £17.78 for the week but I don’t intend to shop next week so we’re good.


Saturday breakfast with Maimg_4559Saturday dinner. M&S and a salad from the allotment.On Sunday I had toast for breakfast and picked at chicken and that was pretty much it, I wasn’t really in an eating mood. (I know it was weird!)

Work breakfasts were my usual rhubarb/yoghurt combo and work lunches were hummus and veg and toast, on Tuesday I started to add a hard boiled egg too.

Monday’s dinner was chana masala which I was going to eat with flatbread but it was too hot, so I grilled a courgette and had more allotment salad. img_4598I did have a lolly for puddingTuesday was even hotter and after a quick water of the plot, I went home with another courgette and more salad and that was dinner.Wednesday was the roast all the vegetables day. I ate them with salad leaves.Thursday was courgette and mushrooms on toast, with a salad. Friday was pizza but yes there was a courgette involved!


I ate courgettes every day and I wasn’t at all bored of them. However, on Thursday morning I had 8 courgettes in the fridge which seemed excessive. My diet gets very simple when I’m tired which I really was this week but because of the bountiful courgettes and salad leaves, I felt I had a good healthy week.



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