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Happy Friday! Ok so my country is going to the dogs, seriously if politicians really want to know why people are so disengaged from politics they should just look at the last couple of weeks. I often disagreed with the people who were in power but right now I’m just ashamed and embarrassed. Dear world, I’m sorry…

I woke up this morning and heard about Nice. I don’t have much more to say than its awful. I saw my first Bastille Day fireworks in Nice on a school trip when I was 14. There is nothing I can do except spend some time today thinking of and praying for the families of the dead and injured. I’m also going to spend some time praying for the people who did and planned this, whatever they think, they are very far from God.

Here are this weeks links

I’m currently gobsmacked that our 2nd female prime minister has appointed Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary. Jean-Marc Ayrault’s (the French Foreign Minister) comments on him just about sum up my view.

A Short History of Boris Johnson Being Offensive. God help us. Senior diplomat.

This about the Tories and Brexit is spot on.

Yes, we don’t need it and we certainly shouldn’t have to pay for it! London mayor Sadiq Khan blocks extra funds for garden bridge.

Corbyn’s critics are hellbent in destroying the party they claim to love. This.

Polly Toynbee on Angela Eagle. An example of why people have no faith in the political classes. Angela Eagle abstained on the welfare bill, she voted for the invasion of Iraq and against an inquiry into it, she feels Tony Blair ‘has suffered enough’. She isn’t a ‘strong Labour woman’, she’s a Red Tory and frankly the she and the PLP need to spend less time telling me that Corbyn has lost her support and more time examining why they are so out of step with their party members and the rest of the country.

The Canary has a takedown of the above article and which sums my feelings quite well.

It’s not Corbyn who has severed the working class from Labour’s metropolitan, “do as we say” elite. When you repeatedly beat a dog with a stick, time and time again, it will eventually turn and bite you. The working classes have sunk their teeth into the rump of Toynbee and her ilk – and all she and the rest of her establishment drones can do is yelp pitifully, that it’s somehow our fault. Bad dogs! We trained you better than this!

The near impossibility of moving up after welfare. This is American but it’s true of the changes that the Tories have made to our system. I remember being told by the lady in the Job Centre that it was time to look for lower paying jobs and pointed out that I wouldn’t be able to pay my rent on a lower salary. All of these things interconnect.

This is the most sensible approach to being a child with a difficult relationship with one or both of your parents. Blame your parents if you must, then forgive them.

Summer cocktails. Some of these look fastastic.





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