Food and Budget Update: 02/07 to 08/07/2016

Another pretty good week for food.


I spent £11.33 in total. but again this was supplemented with allotment produce and I also spent another £18 on food and wine for dinner on Friday night, that was for people coming to dinner and therefore doesn’t come out of my weekly food budget.


Courgette pasta on for Saturday lunch for me and Ma. I was out for dinner on Saturday night, also how lovely is it when friends cook for you?

On Sunday I met Ma in Kingston and we had a Bryon burger! Not pictured is the rootbeer, I adore rootbeer…img_4502-1Weekday breakfasts were yogurt and rhubarb compote. Monday lunch was raw vegetables and yoghurt dip (I didn’t eat the salad – too busy but I did eat it that evening)img_4505
Monday night was potato salad which was lunch with salad for the rest of the week.

Tuesday night was roasted cauliflowerimg_4516Wednesday’s dinner was all from the allotment, grilled courgettes with salad and fetaimg_4528Thursday was sauted veg because that was all I had the energy for.

I didn’t take a picture of Friday’s dinner but it was pork ragu followed by gooseberry fool


I need less food than I think, the fridge is still packed! But I am loving getting food off the allotment, there’s something really good about eating food you grew!


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