Life Happened: Migraines and minutes

I started the week with another migraine, again with the throwing up on my shoes! As a consequence, Monday was a complete write off and my week actually started on Tuesday morning.

I had physio in the morning. So I popped down to the allotment to see what was going on and discovered a courgette!img_4394I was overexcited!

Work and writing up the minutes for a 6 hour meeting brought me back down to earth! Ma came over for dinner on Wednesday (we were supposed to be weeding but Ma was just too tired! so we had something to eat and listened to the football!)

Other than that it was a fairly normal week, I got caught in an epic thunderstorm on Thursday night.

Saturday I wanted to do stuff but got caught up in some books and I babysat for Kathy and Adam. The Baxter babies were lovely and once in bed didn’t make a peep! I got to watch the football (Austria vs Portugal) and got fed so all good!

Sunday I was up early to put some serious work on the allotment. I mostly weeded stuff. There’s still lots to do but after three and half hours I was done…img_4393Everything is very green but I’m worried about the slugs coming and eating my crops.

The gooseberries are nearly readyimg_4404and the raspberriesimg_4405Even the blackcurrant bush is producing, so there will be more stuff soon. This is what I picked up this week though.img_4407Then I went home and had a long soak and then shopped, did some housework, no Ma this weekend to do the ironing.

It was a very low key weekend but I feel happier than I did at the beginning of the week so I’m calling it a win!



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