Friday Links

It’s been a bad week for politics here. I like almost everyone else am shocked and horrified by the murder of MP Jo Cox. This sums up a lot of my thinking about the way politics and political discourse is going here.

It’s not just been bad here either. Trump’s reaction to Orlando was awful, this on Trump and why the people who support him need to stop was about right.

I lack patience, I’ve been working that allotment for a month, why isn’t is all fixed and producing lovely food already? So I needed this. What radishes teach us about time in the garden.

When to help children and how to teach them to suck it up.

Iceland doesn’t have a small mentality but Ronaldo does. Iceland is one of my teams in our family draw for the Euros and I have a feeling that none of them will win and I will be giving my brother £10 (again!), I like them a lot!

Avocado shortage fuels NZ crime wave. What?



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