Friday Links

Happy Friday! This Friday involves less traveling to the Continent and more physio but life can’t be all exciting glamour sometimes you have to go to physio and do the laundry!

Town halls aren’t to blame for homelessness.

Austerity is about selling of public assets

The power of saying thank you

An adopter and foster carer on family ties and doing the right thing. I’ve always argued that we let children down when we don’t tell them the truth. The detail of that changes but the essential fact is that children in care whether they end up adopted or not, need to know the truth of what happened to them and of why they were taken away from their birth families. We also need to admit that it’s not ideal. In a perfect world there would be no need for adoption but we don’t live in a perfect world and we need to be honest about that.

Brexit and lessons from the Duke of Wellington. Some of the comments on this are hilarious.

Men who live as dogs. I tend to take the view that people should be allowed to do what they like if it doesn’t harm people but I’m perplexed…

Mount Vernon new exhibit on Washington and slavery. Good. Mount Vernon is interesting but the slave quarters stayed with me, I couldn’t and still can’t get my head around them. I know that Britain’s history of slavery is not straightforward either but I think the ability to say ‘this person did great things but also did objectionable things’ is important.

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