Food and Budget Update: 07/05 to 13/05/2016

I have to confess that food wasn’t much on my mind last week. I was tired and had a migraine and I just wasn’t feeling that enthused.


img_4207-1I went to Lidl on Sunday afternoon and stuck to the list. I still had vegetables left over from last week so it’s light produce, but that balanced because I was short on cheese! Total spent was £13.25.


On Saturday night I ate chana masala and rice after the cinema, where I didn’t have sweeties!

Sunday was toast and eggs for breakfast and a chana masala, rice and the last of the spring greens.I didn’t eat dinner on Monday because I wasn’t feeling up to it and post migraine on Tuesday, I ate a chana masala toastie, which was as amazing as I’d been told it would be!Wednesday was roasted vegetables with lentils and flatbread.Thursday was the remaining roasted vegetables with additional mushrooms on toast!Breakfasts when I ate them were roasted rhubarb and yogurt. Lunches were leftovers and salad. Except for Thursday when work provided lunch!


When you are feeling tired and sick, knowing that you got your act together on Saturday morning to make chana masala and a loaf of bread is the best feeling ever!


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