The Allotment Adventure: Seedlings and Digging

I have to confess to feeling when I talk about the allotment, that I am moaning about my diamond shoes being too tight, because I am at a tiny bit of a loss when it comes to my space at Ealing Dean Allotments. Why? Because I have an allotment that I don’t have to significantly weed.

Having said that, all I have done so far is weed and buy things to help me with the weeding. img_4250See that? That’s three bags and an entire box, full of weeds and couch grass that I have cleared off the plot in the last two weeks. And this is a good plot so God help the poor guys who inherited an over grown plot.

Because I have weeds that are not 3 feet high, once it’s forked over, I’m pretty much good to go but that means I need to put something in it. I planted up a load of dwarf french beans, some courgettes, basil and marigolds.img_4269My plan is to buy tomato and other plants (squash, aubergine) over the bank holiday and I’m accepting any plant donations that come my way! Jonny has offered me some strong courgettes (yes I do know that I’m setting myself up for too many courgettes but then again, only four of my 10 sprouted up and who knows what will happen when I plant them out!)

The weekend weeding was epic about 6 hours over two days. We’ve had warm weekends and rainy weeks and the weeds grew like….well weeds. The top of the plot to the raspberries is looking much better. For now I’m leaving in the poppies, once they’ve flowered, I’ll collect the seed and dig up the rest of grass. My ultimate plan for that section is to extend the rhubarb because rhubarb is amazing and the rest of that section will be flowers. In autumn I’ll do a ‘massive’ amount of bulb planting, daffodils, lilies, irises, tulips, english bluebells and snowdrops. I’m also considering proper grass too, we’ll see.img_4233I also bought and planted some french lavender in that section as well.img_4246

There is still a lot to do and a lot to learn and a lot to spend money on.

Because of time frames, some things, runner beans and pea, will have to be planted straight into the ground, which may give me a problem because of slugs and mice, I’m chopping the tops and bottoms off plastic bottles to assist with that, but I’ll need to buy stuff for them to grow up and other assorted garden equipment. I can’t afford a shed just yet and I’ll need permission to put one up but I need some kind of storage solution on the plot because it’s getting a bit silly at the moment. img_4238I’m away this weekend but I have Monday off work so planning to weed and tie up the raspberries and measure out and dig over some ‘beds’ in preparation for the Bank Holiday weekend when things need to get in the ground!

Meanwhile there are things growing besides weeds and I’m really enjoying my time there.StrawberriesRhubarbCalifornian PoppiesGooseberries

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