Chocolate Oat Bars

Last week, I showed you a ‘healthier’ flapjack. This week we are going in completely the opposite direction.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

These are not healthy but they are delicious. One of things that really, really bug me about America is its inability to use weight instead of cups to measure ingredients.  It’s a little thing but it means that often and this recipe is a really good example, I end up mixing and matching using cups for the dry ingredients and weight for the butter (because butter in the UK doesn’t come in cups or sticks, it comes in 250g blocks)  and sometimes the chocolate if I can’t get dark chocolate chips. Let’s not even get started on the difference in cup sizes in the UK from the US or my habit of using metric and imperial measures in the same recipe!

All that to say that I used 170g of butter and chocolate and UK cups for everything else and it worked out fine!

These are a really great snack and I love eating them straight out of the fridge.

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2 Responses to Chocolate Oat Bars

  1. I’m not American, but I prefer cup measurements. I guess it’s the lazy cook in me!

    • nicdempsey says:

      What I really mind is that UK and US cups are different so converting US to UK cups is a pain! And I’m a huge fan of doing what works for your style, but it’s just an added complication for me!

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