Food and Budget Update: 09/04 to 15/04/2016

So I blew through the £15 budget limit this week with the shopping coming to a grand total of £18.24. Not good.
Here’s what that bought:



Saturday night dinner was amazing.

 We had an aubergine and spinach pasta bake with roasted broccoli and garlic and herb bread, for pudding we had chocolate mouse with cherry sauce.

Weekend breakfasts were toast and eggs and toast and marmalade

 Weekday breakfasts were protein pots (quinoa, lentils, rice mixed with carrots and tuna) and lunches were vegetable tart with salad. I got on the snack bandwagon this week and had flapjacks, fruit and chocolate buttons to hand, which I completely failed to eat due to the sick. The flapjacks were a godsend though and dinner on Wednesday and Thursday.

Sunday night dinner was also really good, chicken marsala rice. I’ll need to measure everything the next time I cook it and post because it was so much better than I was expecting…img_4030By Monday night, the sick was gaining ground and I repeated lunch because it was minimal washing up and that way I could go to bed early (7:30pm!)On Tuesday, I didn’t go to work and dinner was pasta and herb butter.img_4034I didn’t manage dinner on Wednesday or Thursday. I just came home, ate a flapjack and went to bed. Which should demonstrate how not well I was feeling, eating during the day fine but by the time I was home, I was just overcooked and ready for bed.

On Friday, I did manage dinner but it was salad and the breakfast pot that I hadn’t eaten that morning, again cooking was just too much effort and this way I was using everything up!img_4044


Don’t overspend, don’t get sick. Although I’m actually not that worried about the overspend because there is still plenty to eat and next week needs to be a £5 shop anyway because it’s “clear out the fridge before the holiday week” and everything I bought will be used. I need to stick to a list and plan effectively, I did say that if there was a danger this month it was that I’d get cocky and this week proved that.

Best thing I ate this week? Saturday night dinner was really lovely but the breakfast protein pots were a close second.

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