Life Happened: Full of Cold (again)

As noted last week, I have no immune system to speak of and I caught another bug, as you can imagine that made me really happy, especially as it was the only week where I really need to be at work for the monthly meeting I’m semi-responsible for.

But there was good news, on Monday morning, Ryan and Claire’s baby arrived, welcome to the world little Noah and I’ll meet you just as soon as I don’t have any nasty germs you could catch..

On Tuesday, I couldn’t pretend that I was getting better and I took the day off, I had to be at work on Wed and Thursday and was hoping that I could rest up enough to get better for the rest of the week. Which sort of worked. I was in on Wednesday and Thursday and I worked from home on Friday but I was still sick and starting to get whiny about it. How much rest is too much rest? Who knows?

I did need to achieve something though and on Friday, it was that I cleaned the oven. That was great but left me too tired even to cook pizza! On Saturday, I managed a load of laundry, to change the bed and do some food shopping and admire the blue sky.img_4046That left me ready for bed and I bailed on Adam’s birthday party, which I was looking forward too but I was in bed at about 9pm and asleep shortly after.

Which meant that I was awake about 5am and still full of snot. So I went to the cinema at 10am on a Sunday morning, it was quite empty.img_4049The film was Eye in the Sky and it was very good, if quite harrowing. Then home, food prep, bed.

I’m still full of mucus, not all that happy and tired but it’s a four day week and then Amble…


se days..


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