Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’m working from home today, because I’m still full of germs and I just don’t have a conversation in me but became aware I’m tired when I engage in convesation I’m like a manic five year old before bedtime. Anyway, here are this week’s links….

Motivational advice. Unless it’s drinking gin, sleeping or reading a book, I apply this to everything that I don’t want to do!

Off-shore companies explained via piggy banks. Now explain tax and why it’s important to all civilised nations.

Francis has style but no substance. The Pope is the definition of overhyped…

One man’s trash. I have no idea why, but I found those photos compelling…

The Real Whittingdale Scandal. This is the article that prompted John Whittingdale’s admission that he dated a prostitute that he met on a dating site.

I didn’t see working class identity in books when I was growing up. I was sort of with her until I got to this:

The community spirit and tight-knit ethos that meant every door open and the smell of coal fires burning and the laughter and the tears and the music, there was always music! We didn’t have money for entertainment but we had imagination, a huge band of kids we did everything together every day was a forest or farm adventure because we pushed ourselves to invent and make do with what we had. We lived for the moment

This is a fantasy of working class life, so I’m trying hard to remember that the general point is good but the example is rubbish.

This is Victorian. Full time workers having benefit docked under new rules. Also having ‘experienced’ the professionalism of job centre employees, most of them couldn’t mentor anyone out of a paper bag, let alone into a new job..


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