Life Happened – Aunty Duty

This week was a better work week, ok so I was grappling with minutes, which hands down, the least favourite of all my work duties but my head was a bit more in the game!

Also last week, I missed the office lunch that included the Secret Santa and got it this week. Clearly my colleagues know my interests, books and gin!I completely botched the Secret Santa because I forgot and couldn’t sort my life out  in time. So I brought in mince pies and cheese stars!   Friday night I spent the evening at Kathy’s, reading to her mad (and very cute) children, catching up with her and admiring the sparkly lights that Adam had put up!  On the way to Watford, I took note of how my hair is behaving with it’s new style
  Saturday was spent with the nephews (for me that was mostly with the littlest one), I was pretty proud of myself, Joe doesn’t like taking a bottle but I got him to take a full 7oz and got him off to sleep, it’s been a while but it’s good to know I haven’t lost my touch! The biggest nephew was out at the panto with his Grandma and I didn’t get a photo of him once he was back because he just didn’t stay still long enough. Over the last couple of months, it feels like Oli trusts us more and knows that he’ll have fun even if Mum and Dad aren’t there. He was great, showing me how well he could spell (I was genuinely impressed!), we watched Strictly and he did his ‘famous’ victory dance (once you’ve seen it, you’ll never forgot it!) when ‘his’ couple won, overall he’s just lovely and although I’ve always liked being with him, it’s nice to feel that he enjoys it too!

The only bad thing about my week is the vexing issue of my right knee. Because I’m leaning to the right on the crutches, I’m obviously putting the weight I can’t put through my left foot, through my right side. My knee has been niggling on and off since I started to get more mobile and I’ve been stretching it as much as I’m able. However, this week it’s in full on rebellion. It’s twice the size it should be, painful (like more painful than the foot was after surgery!) all the time but especially when I’m walking and it gives out under me. I’m not happy and at a loss what to do, painkillers, ice and stretching have all been applied with limited effect and it’s making doing anything tricky. My foot is doing really well, minimal swelling and feeling like it’s getting back to normal, but I’m going to have to see the GP which is pretty much a nightmare this time of year! It will sort itself out but the timing is frustrating.

That was last week. How was your week?

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