Life Happened – Oli is Six

You would be forgiven for thinking that the Life Happened updates have been a little bit boring recently and you’d be right because I can’t walk much, don’t leave the house and don’t do much at all..

However this week, I put on clothes and went on Wednesday, to the library. We had to take a bus there and back, which made me feel like an old lady, given that pre osteotomy I used to walk into Ealing once a week… I also managed my first shower by myself and didn’t fall on my bum, so I rewarded myself with a gin and tonicIMG_3515This week was lovely because all of a sudden my foot got much better, it’s been looking better but this week it was much less stiff and much easier to walk. The really cool thing is that it has a warning system for when it’s had enough and I need to put it up, it turns red and then purple.IMG_3513 If that wasn’t enough excitement for one week, on Saturday, Ma and I went to Watford (in a car!) for Oli’s birthday party.  After wrangling 24, five and six year olds through bowling and dinner, Laura still managed a smile (she also has an 11 week old baby and makes it all look really easy too!)IMG_3519Nephew number two…well he slept through all of it and only woke up went it was time to go. No cuddles with Joe this time…




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