Friday Links

Happy Friday! I’ve been a shut in this week, I haven’t left the house since I got home from the hospital on Friday, fortunately I have been able to feed and wash myself but mostly I’ve been on the sofa with my food elevated. Here are this week’s links….

On being poor and what the tax credit cuts will do. Seriously, when the Telegraph is running articles like this, the Tory Party needs to rethink it’s policy…

I really hate fancy dress. Yep

20 years since Israel’s innocence was lost. Personally, I think it was way longer than 20 years ago and would argue that most states founded on terrorism, and I include my own in that, can never truly be innocent, but it’s worth reading and true. Leaders have to lead. A solution in Israel has never seemed further away.

Two articles on adult friendships. How Friendships Change in Adulthood and How Housing Choices Affect Adult Friendships. Both are written from an American middle class point of view, neither actually consider that some people never go to uni, I went for a year and didn’t make any lasting friendships there or indeed that some adults don’t get married and have children or live in circumstances that can afford the suburban existence they imagine. However, they are interesting and I’ve been thinking about the topic a lot so worth a read.

 How to make a perfect martini. Is it just an excuse to drink neat gin? Pretty much!

British Drinking Culture. Funny some of that I get, but I’m roughly 10 years older than her, the alcopops fad happened in my early twenties, by the time I was 17 wine at home was something we did but I currently have no gin in the house which is odd whereas growing up, we had gin, actually any kind of spirits, in the house at Christmas and that was about it. Drinking is not a part of my everyday in the way that it is for the author of this piece but that’s more because I’m aware of the damage it can cause and careful. What I have noticed is that I don’t like being told that I can’t drink rather than needing to drink. I’m not drinking while my foot heals because I’ve been told not to and it’s the restriction that needling me rather than the need to drink…

Gin is disgusting and we should stop drinking it. Wrong, wrong, wrong. When I am Queen of the World, people like this will be sent to a small Island in the Hebrides and only allowed to drink Baileys and Advocaat because they have no taste buds.

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