Oh no 4-0, the brother edition

Even though he hasn’t had hair for a long time, it’s really weird to think about Ben being 40. If my younger brother is 40, then I must be ancient, which he’s been telling me for years!DSCF0429My mum likes to say that I had 2 years as an only child and then Ben came along and I never got over the loss of the attention. I don’t remember that at all! I don’t remember a time when I didn’t have a brother, my funny, charming, pain in the neck of a brother! Back CameraIt’s weird having siblings, they aren’t friends because you don’t choose them, but good or bad they know you really well. We have the same parents but the genetic mix turned out so differently. He got Ma’s maths skills and slightly OCD nature, Grandad’s eyebrows and the Dempsey nose. I got Dad’s full head of hair, (yes B – and his filthy temper!), I look like Ma too, but I am the family failure at maths and train timetables!photo

On first look, Ben and I are as different as you could get, we sound different, we’re interested in different things, we support different teams (although I’m convinced that Oli cursed mine this season, with his wish that Chelsea end up “in the conference-ship”), we just different. We don’t hang out together, we are not best friends or anything like that.DSCF2579I said earlier on that I don’t remember a time when Ben wasn’t around and as his elder sister, I have a reputation to maintain so I don’t often say this but I couldn’t imagine not having him in my life.

Happy Birthday B!

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