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Happy Birthday Ben

It’s Ben’s birthday today! (This picture was taken a long time ago, he looks much older nowadays, he is younger than me but he looks older…) Ben and I get on much better in our 40’s than we ever did … Continue reading

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Monday Miscellany: Birthday Boy

Happy Monday! And Happy Birthday to my favourite brother!Last week was dominated by my feeling terrible with cold, it’s getting better but I’m mostly just really tired and want my bed! I did manage to accomplish things, I got a … Continue reading

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Sunday Music: Misheard lyrics

Today is my Aunt Jude’s birthday and tomorrow is my brother’s birthday, so this post is in their honour Jude is a great Cliff Richard fan (I am not) but Ben’s mishearing of this song is my favourite. He was … Continue reading

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Oh no 4-0, the brother edition

Even though he hasn’t had hair for a long time, it’s really weird to think about Ben being 40. If my younger brother is 40, then I must be ancient, which he’s been telling me for years!My mum likes to … Continue reading

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Little Brother?

A long time ago somebody told me that they couldn’t think of Ben as my little brother, but he is and today is his birthday! Nowadays our relationship is pretty straightforward, it didn’t used to be. As we hit our … Continue reading

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