Just think nice thoughts

I’m having a bit of a week.

Nothing awful is happening, I’m just overtired and it’s getting darker so I’m a bit more miserable than usual. Last night I found out how Queen Caroline (wife of George II) died and it wasn’t pleasant (not something you want to learn while you’re eating), which also wasn’t very cheerful and can be added to the realisation that I have to get an awful lot done before I go off to have my bunion fixed (don’t Google that operation, trust me on this, I did and it’s not helping matters!).

The ridiculous thing is that everything is fine, I’m hitting all the approved adult milestones, house tidy, clothes clean, eating healthily, sleeping ok, helping friends, getting to work and although busy all the work is getting done, the outbreak of spots on my chin seem to be clearing up and life is not at all bad, so I’m not sure why I’m in the middle of a dark cloud of mood but here I am.

20131211-085105.jpgI’m going to blame the weather, it’s dark and wet and that’s never fun.

So the motto for the rest of the week, is ‘think happy thoughts’

And that’s pretty much all that’s happening this week.



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