Random thoughts….


  1. It seems we might get a sunny autumn after a miserable summer. English weather is perverse!
  2. Despite the nice weather, for which I am always thankful, I want it on record (again) that autumn (or fall if you really must) is not the best season. It doesn’t matter how many pumpkin flavoured things you try and persuade me to eat or cook. IMG_3295
  3. I have 24 days before the operation to fix my bunion.
  4. Why is it that 24 days feels like a shorter amount of time than 3 and a half weeks when it is exactly the same amount of time?
  5. This month my brother turns 50 40. Worse than turning 40 is my little brother turning 40.IMG_2940
  6. I really want to learn to crochet, I feel that if I’m going to be immobile for six weeks, I should have a some kind of craft project on the go. I have a beginners crochet kit knocking around and the other options knitting or cross-stitch would involve buying more things, which I am trying to avoid.IMG_2733

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