Friday Links

Happy Friday! Here are this weeks links…

The Vaccine Delayers. Interesting, I know loads of parents who just don’t feel that it’s right to stick needles and viruses (even weakened ones) into their babies and I have some sympathy for that argument (I was also around for the MMR linked to autism study that has now been debunked and I remember that Stef opted no to give the MMR to the twins and they had the old fashioned vaccines) but that study has been proved to be rubbish and the more I read, the more pro-vaccination I become. This is the NHS vaccine schedule and it’s not nearly as bad as some anti-vaxxers make out.

Some links about working mothers, guilt and judgement. Before that, my standard disclaimer, my mum worked because that was what was best for her family and children, we needed the money. If Ma ever felt bad about working, I didn’t know about it and so it didn’t occur to me that I was in any way hard done by. It was just how we lived. Looking back as an adult, I have no idea how she managed but it’s probably best summed up by her, “You can have it all, but you don’t get much sleep”

First up, the study. This from Gaby Hinsliff about working mothers and guilt and the view from a daughter, working mothers are great mums

Could bourbon’s rebellious roots come from England?

Dying alone in Japan.

Why Americans are talking about the confederate flag and not gun control. I’ve always thought the confederate flag was about racism, just as the American Civil War was about slavery rather than states rights but why don’t Americans get behind gun control? I understand that guns aren’t responsible for people shooting others but it takes longer to kill someone with a hammer than with a gun. Less guns has to equal less gun deaths and massacres, it’s basic maths…

Children should steer clear of their parents sex lives. Ain’t that the truth? I love the tactful advice that basically points down to ‘MYOB’ and ‘maybe you’re a bit mucked up in the head’

America is just a little bit more equal this week than it was last!


Marriage equality

The Greeks at the bottom of the pile.

London the city that ate itself. Once a city starts being about the people that don’t live here, rather than the people that you, it’s in trouble!

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