Friday Links

Happy Friday! Here’s some reading for the weekend!

Mind Your Own Damn Business…An Ode to Tact.

Fix the housing crisis by banning non resident ownership I’m not sure that’s the only thing that needs to happen but what the govt is doing now clearly isn’t working.

I can’t stand Father’s Day. As I was reading this, I was thinking “get over yourself, go have some therapy or something but don’t do this”. I don’t do Father’s Day because my father is dead and I have lots of well documented Daddy issues. So I don’t really pay it much attention. I did roll my eyes at the sentimentality that choked up my Facebook feed yesterday but I feel the same way on Mother’s Day and I really love my mum. Some of us have good relationships with our parents, some of us don’t, some of us are in deep denial about the state of those relationships. If you find days like last Sunday hard because of a problem relationship, go and sort it out in your own head, don’t expect people to get it but once you are ok with what it is and isn’t, those days will stop bothering you.

How long it will take you to read the books you’ve been putting off. Bit American, I have no intention of ever trying to read Ayn Rand but interesting..

Reading taught me about being a grown up. Pretty much…most of my role models (the good ones) are from books…

Why is my hangover so bad? Interestingly, I haven’t had a bad hangover for a while maybe because I’m improving my diet?

French students complain about English question. I love the French…

Things I didn’t know until this week. Platypuses produce venom and it’s really, really nasty..

However Cameron defines poverty, it affects too many children

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