Life Happened – Migraine, Theatre and Allotments

This week did not start well, it didn’t start badly but I had a migraine on Tuesday and there was a sense of things not being good, I didn’t get to the gym once because I felt so bad and just not good, like exercise would make me sick. I did manage to turn my mood around somewhat. On Thursday night I was at Kathy and Adam’s for tea and chat and being entertained by the Baxter babies. There were ballet outfits and books and two children who were very proud of their pajamas…

I took Friday off and achieved things, mostly I cleaned the floors, hands and knees job, it doesn’t look much cleaner but I know it is. I also (finally) got around to cleaning the oven and hoovering was done but not by me, which is always fantastic, as I hate all housework involving floors but hoovering most of all!

Friday night was spent at the theatre, The Beaux’ Stratagem. Very funny and the sky during the interval was beautiful. I live in the best city!IMG_3098I was up and out of the house by 8am on Saturday morning to shop and then to go and spend time on the allotments helping to clear the hedgerow. One of the members took this photo we found a well and a water butt, also lots of metal cans, bottles, and crisp packets. (Photo taken by Marien because I didn’t have my phone with me!)


It was 3 hours of hard work, at 1pm we finished and as Christelle was coming over for a visit, I ran, walked as fast as my sore legs would allow home for a shower.

After lunch and a catch up, Christelle and I went for a walk. This was plonked in Walpole Park, no idea what, why or who!IMG_3100Home to eat cherriesIMG_3102Ma came over for dinner but first there was Plymouth Fruit CupIMG_3104Then dinnerIMG_3106On Sunday, Ma helped me sort out the drawers in the living room and some of the bedroom ones. Then she went home and I took a book back to the library. On Sundays, if I visit the library I try to walk the least direct route, it was a lovely walk and on the way back there was a banana ice lolly (because they are the best!)

I feel that the weekend really helped me re-focus ready for next week, it’s a busy week work wise but I need to get to Body Balance because when I’m stressed, it helps!





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