Life Happened – Quiet

Last week was a low key week.

The sun shone, there were blue skies… I went for a run. When I say run, I mean mostly walking with a tiny bit of running but it all counts towards my step total for the day!

Otherwise it was a fairly normal week. I celebrated Thursday with a Gin Rickey  IMG_3012There are some changes at work, my entire team is moving departments (again) and this week and next week are going to be pretty busy because of extra meetings but that’s just more of the same. There was more team building on Friday, lunch and then I got another opportunity to show my colleagues how rubbish I am at 10 pin bowling. I suck so badly… IMG_3014Ma did not come over on Saturday night because she was at Westminster Cathedral, protesting about there not being women priests and it was Vocations Sunday over the weekend.   I spent Saturday indoors with some housework and reading.

On Sunday, I did venture out of the house to do some shopping and popped into Kathy and Adam’s to drop some stuff off to Kathy. I got bonus Bex, Al and baby and to meet Kathy’s cousins who where visiting AND to pogo with the small children to ‘Nelly the Elephant’ (my poor knees!)

IMG_3018The weekend ended with another book and here I am ready to start the week. Plans for this week include 4 body balance classes, dinner with Kathy on Wed and a haircut on Friday, because if you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much room!


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