Friday Links

Happy Friday!  It’s been a busy four day week for me and today all I have to do is some post meeting tasks and minutes (I hate writing minutes and now I have to do it every month – I’m being punished for something!) but it is Friday and after 5pm today I can relax!

This weeks links…

1) TBR Time. This came via Kate’s website. Horrifying and wonderful all at the same time. A year and 5 months, that’s not too bad!

2) Condoms and why they aren’t designed differently. Or 100 things you didn’t know about condoms (lambskin condoms, yep they exist!)

3) Children and inequality

4) Even Simon Jenkins thinks that non-dom status should be abolished

The consequent attraction of London for the very rich is much cited by non-dom apologists as “good for Britain”. This is wholly unproved. It has certainly led to price inflation for London houses, schools, hospitals and football clubs, but how much trickles down into the economy is moot. New York, with a far more severe tax regime, is not noticeably short of super-rich.

5) Mediocre Failures.  This is worth reading

Failure is an adult who, through ignorance, stupidity, laziness or a simple callous lack of empathy, happily labels the most vulnerable, disadvantaged children in the country as “mediocre failures” simply because you haven’t the wit or humanity to care about the impact on them of a policy which will make their educational experience narrower, less useful, more soul-destroying. And for what ? A cheap headline in a propaganda rag.


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