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Happy Friday! Today is Good Friday and a Bank Holiday for UK. Today, Ma and I are planning on getting along to the Wellington thing at the National Portrait Gallery and not going to Church (sorry Jesus!).

Right let’s get to this week’s links. Be prepared for more political links in the next month, because we’re going through a General Election and although I’m slightly fed up with it at the same time I’m also reading and listening and being involved. Remember people democracy doesn’t work, unless the electorate do! (For those of you you won’t vote and find politics boring – I don’t want to hear you complain about anything, housing, govt, politicians, tax, benefits, public transport, the BBC, the state of the roads. Nothing, you gave up your voice when you didn’t vote. A vote that people died so you could have. Think about that, I will be coming back to it again this month!)

1) Polly Toynbee might have a point about this country’s deference to royalty but she needs to lay off Richard III. Not least because Phillipa Langley might murder her in her bed!

2) Is it rude for children to ask about inheritance? Yes is bloody well is. Yes, life raising children was probably easier for baby boomers than it is now. Ma does babysit Oli but she doesn’t provide childcare because it’s her role to be a grandparent, not a nanny. We’ve never expected that there will be any money from Ma when she dies, she never expected any money from her Dad. We joke about the ‘heirloom bracelet’ and I do tell her that she cannot have her wedding ring melted into a tooth because it’s my inheritance but actually those things are hers to do with as she sees fit. I can’t believe that any child thinks anything else. Just like children don’t owe their parents anything, once they are grown, parents owe their children nothing. Ma raised us, taught us, that’s all parents owe children. That’s not to say that when we needed it, she didn’t give us money. It was a gift not a right, because it’s not our money. These things are self evident, aren’t they?

3) This is my constituency. It about sums up how I feel. This from Ken Livingstone what politicians need to start doing.

“The simple fact is the diversity of London is so great it is impossible to try and develop policies based on what might appeal to one group or another,” said Livingstone, who is campaigning for Ed Miliband. “What you have to do is work out what you really believe, stick to it, campaign on those issues and be straight with people.”

4) Ross Poldark is a romantic hero for our age. I haven’t read the books but I suspect the latest version has made him more acceptable for modern tastes. There was a conversation in the office this week about Poldark. I’m enjoying the various ways, they are getting Aiden Turner shirtless, while keeping it safe for BBC on a Sunday! Also good shout out to modern day romance writers (I love Courtney Milan!)

5) What makes Finnish teachers so good? Who’d have thought it? Find the people who are good at teaching, train them.

6) What’s wrong with politicians part 400.

7) Why we have to talk to children about sex. From the Torygraph no less.

I have to be able to say to my daughter ‘porn isn’t real’ and talk openly about what she might have seen and, crucially, what the boys she dates might have seen. And say ‘you don’t have to do any of that’ and ‘it’s as ok to say no if it’s not what you want as it is to say yes if you are’.

I wish it could be unspoken between us, for my sake not hers. But while that might be better for me, it’s not for her.

And that’s why, however difficult I find it, I’d still tell every other mother to keep up with the rhetoric and carry on promising that her daughter can talk to her about anything and then follow through and pretend to be ok. I hate to say it, but you simply can’t afford to do anything else.

8) What happens if Milliband can connect with the voters?

9) This. About a dead father and what to do with the ashes. ‘Cause I understand about that. For the record, we buried my dad’s ashes at his parents grave, which is where we put my uncle Ray too. Dad died just before Christmas he spend a good long while in the living room of the house Christelle and I shared. Funniest thing was C moving the box of ashes and saying “Excuse me, Noel” everytime she did, even though she’d never met him..

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