March Recap and April Goals

March has been a much better month than February. I’m finally beginning to feel human but am going to bed really early (anywhere between 8 and 9pm.) if it’s true that an hour of sleep before midnight is worth 2 after midnight, I’m well slept! It’s getting lighter in the morning and evenings and that’s helping enormously and the clocks go forward tonight so I do feel like Spring is on it’s way!IMG_2827

So let’s recap March’s goals

  • I’ve been averaging 2 classes a week at the gym and it is getting to be the norm.
  • I’m getting to bed early, I’ve cut down on the use of screens before bed and while I’m still tired and I don’t sleep well, that’s not new.
  • My eating hasn’t been as mindful as I’d like, I was doing really well and then PMT hit. I feel like I’m on the verge of a migraine all the time and one of the things that helps is sugar. I need to look at that and maybe just find better sources of sugar (ie fruit) but I’m still happier than I was about my diet
  • Books, I bought 2 books this month (I spend a whole £5) still well within my limits!

April Plans and Goals

April is generally a nice month. 4 birthdays (Sarah D, Laura, Adam and Tom), it’s Easter (so yay for Bank Holidays!) and it’s a sunnier month. This April will be full of election stuff too. Looking at the month, I have plans over Easter weekend (helping on the allotments, lunch for Laura’s birthday) and I’m already down to babysit for Kathy and Adam on Adam’s birthday, no other major plans! The National Portrait Gallery has an exhibition about Wellington on at the moment and I’d like to get to that this month.


More of the same in April, I want to up my target for gym classes to eight in the month and work on reaching 10,000 steps every day, in a work day I get about 7,500 so more effort to get 10,0000.

I want to keep on with the sleep and eating but I also want to do a short wind down yoga routine bed bed, it helps me relax and the gym and the walking will tighten up my legs and hips, stretching them out is a good thing!IMG_2825


No book buying this month, ideally, I’d like to have my 10 left for October and a trip to Barter Books!photo


I’m working on not buying things for the house which is going really well because I have no money! I’m thinking more about cleaning things and so on. This month, I want to focus on the kitchen and have a clean of cupboards and maybe get rid of some kitchen things that I don’t us.

  • Clean the oven
  • Clean the kitchen cupboards
  • De-clutter the kitchen



Spend no more than £150 on everything after rent and bills.


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