Life Happened – A tiny bit cross

Before I start with the usual recap. I need to issue a correction. In the St Patrick’s Day post, I said that Oli goes to gaelic football ’cause his neighbour TJ does. The fact checkers (hi Ben!) would like me to note that Oli started going to gaelic football because his swimming instructor’s child went and Oli went along too. Then TJ started going.

Right back to what I’ve done with the past week. The answer is not a lot. I did manage two body balance classes, there was a departmental team building afternoon on Wednesday and I played Ping Pong, I’m still pretty useless! IMG_2861My hyacinth blossomedThere was also an eclipse on Friday that no one in London could really see because it was so cloudy, it was dark for a bit, then it wasn’t. The sunset was pretty though!If you’ve been around this space this week, you will notice that I had lots of strong options (here if you missed it!), sorry, I’m not sorry. However, ranty I was here by the weekend I was marginally more calm.

Other things done this week, Ma and I have decided that we are going on holiday. Our usual trip north but not until October, we can’t go in September as usual and were going to skip it but decided this week that we would miss it too much so we’re going! (Ma is away in June, we’re in Wales for Ryan’s wedding in August so really it’s the only time we can’t go!)OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMa came for Friday night pizza on Friday night, she stayed over.IMG_2872We arsed about on Saturday. Went to the library, went to Ma’s and ate chicken and coleslaw sandwiches (food of the Gods) and then I headed off to Christelle and Mike’s. It was an evening of firsts, I was early, C & M cooked. The lamb was amazing…We talked and drank wine and generally caught up.

I got home about 2pm and did some housework and lazing around.

This week I have a gym class booked every day this week, and that and work and dinner with Ma on Saturday is all I have planned. Nope, I lie, I’m popping over to Kathy and Adam’s tomorrow, for a catch up and some fun with toddlers. The clocks go forward this weekend so lighter evenings, yay!

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