Mothers Day

Today is Mother’s Day in our family. Everyone is coming to mine for lunch. Ma will get flowers, but mostly it’ll be eating and talking and Oli running about and we’ll have a nice time, catching up and being with each other.20140404-212000.jpgOn Sunday, Oli and his Gaelic Football Club are going to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parade tomorrow and we’re all going to watch that.

I know that lots of women find Mother’s Day difficult because they don’t have children or a living Mum. Or maybe have difficult relationships with children, or even dead children. For all sorts of reasons, Sunday can feel like a hard day.

If it’s hard, I’m sorry, I think it’s really just a day to celebrate the people who’ve mothered us and sometimes that’s not just our Mums. I remember being really chuffed when I got my first ever ‘Happy Mother’s Day, Auntie Nic’ card from Oli because I love that Laura thought of it but really Mother’s Day is just an excuse for my family to spend some time together. We all have family. We may have been born into that family, we may have picked them but the people that we love and support and who love and support us are our family. Go celebrate them…

I will get Ma another card this year, but I think the sentiment of last year’s card is still good!20140331-132834.jpg

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