Friday Links

Happy Friday! It’s been a week and I feel like I have miles to go before I sleep ’cause I have a busy weekend ahead! This week’s links….

1) We use more of the genes we inherit from our fathers than our mothers. That explains the ginger…

2) Victorian opium usage when the opium of the masses was in fact opium. Fascinating..

3) If Richard Coles was King for a Day. This.

But one of the best ways of securing the kind of society that can achieve prosperity is one in which people feel they have a secure place: a home and a hearth in a neighbourhood you would want to live in.

4) How to lose weight in 4 easy steps. (via A Cup of Jo.) Funny

5) How English pronunciation is changing…fascinating

6) How to jazz up a supermarket pizza.I don’t get it, just make your own, it’s easier AND cheaper…

7) That moment when you become your mother. I’ve known for years that it’s inevitable but there are worse people in the world to be like!

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