Life Happened – Recovery Week

I went back to work, it was tiring, I was in bed by 9pm every night but when you are too tired to do much it’s amazing how you pare everything down to the basics. Clothes and lunch ready for the next day, house under control? That’s enough, time for bed.IMG_2811On Friday, I left work at 4pm and just took a moment to enjoy the sunshine and being done with work for the week.IMG_2814Then had to run to Jane’s to have my haircut and coloured and catch up with Jane and her news. It’s easier to stay at Mum’s when I leave Jane’s, so that’s what I did, I was in bed before 11pm and though I really wanted to finish my book, the need to sleep was too great…IMG_2816Ma’s flat was all unpacked within 2 days of her moving in last year but every time I stay, I can see it becoming more like her home, as pictures go on walls and furniture gets re-arranged to suit how she lives in the flat. The pictures that were in the kitchen of the old flat are in the living room now.IMG_2818On Saturday, I picked up my new glasses, did some housework and caught up with myself and everyone elseIMG_2821It was warm enough for flip flops on Saturday, which made me (and my feet) insanely happy.IMG_2825It feels like Spring is just around the corner, blossom is coming out and it’s lighter in the morning.IMG_2823


Sunday was a much quieter day, I just chilled out at home, admired my daffodils and had (another) early night.IMG_2827


This week is going to be just as quiet, work and sleep are my priorities and this weekend will be about the family, everyone is coming over for an early Mother’s Day lunch on Saturday and we’ll be going to see Oli who, with the rest of his gaelic football club, is going to be in the St Patrick’s Day Parade.

What are your plans for the week?








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