Life Happened – this is getting silly

I’m still not very well and really, really grumpy about it. My head is full of things that it shouldn’t be, my ears hurt, my sinuses make draining noises when I’m lying down and I’m wheezing. I can’t do yoga either, because the pressure in my head makes bending very painful. I know that there are worse things to be sick with but I’ll like it to stop now, it’s getting boring.

So I spent this week, in much the same way as I spent last week, working, getting to bed early and coughing. I averaged about 4 and a half hours sleep a night, which is not helping with the grumpiness.

On Thursday night, I went for dinner at Christina and Fred’s, it was lovely to see them and Tom and Yoey.

Friday morning was a bit of a mess, I was tired and the trains fell over so it took ages to get on a train and I was late to work…IMG_2742Thanks heavens for pain au raisin, quiet work days and telephone conversations with my brother…IMG_2744I may have spent my lunch hour working out cocktail measures, how many bottles of booze Christina would need to make 50 odd cocktails for her birthday party at the end of the month. I’m not obsessed, I’m helping a friend and it was good distraction from thinking about what I’m going to wear for the party, the dress code is black tie or superhero, so I’m a tiny bit stumped!

Friday Night PizzaIMG_2748And a cupcake followed by bed!IMG_2749I skipped the allotment volunteering on Saturday morning in favour of rest and coffee. Ma came for dinner on Saturday night. I cooked a variation on Cassie’s Penne Rosa which was really good.IMG_2758IMG_2754


We arsed about as we do and the next morning had cheese on toast for breakfast and went Ma went home, I went to Kathy and Adam’s to play with their kids, while they did some organizing. We made rice krispie cakes (and the kids got covered in chocolate!), it’s been nearly a year since they arrived and it’s been lovely to watch them become a family unit and see how ordinary and extraordinary the process has been for all of them. It’s easy to take our experience of being loved by our families for granted but sometimes we need see it from another angle to appreciate the miracle of it.

Did you know that Saturday was National Libraries Day? I didn’t until someone pointed it out, but it was also the day that my library sent me a reminder that my books were due back on Monday!  So on Sunday after I left Kathy and Adam’s, I took a walk into Ealing and went to the library. I love that Central Ealing Library is open on Sundays! I got some new books, wondered about and walked home through the parks because it was such a beautiful day.IMG_2763


Now it’s Monday and back to work…











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