Friday Night Cocktail

Anybody had enough of Christmas feasting and drinking yet?

Under usual Christmas conditions, I would have an FNC post the Friday after Christmas in order to encourage everyone to be kind to their livers. However, I’ve not been at work at all this week and idle hands are the Devil’s playthings!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARemember when I made gingerbread syrup? Remember when I said that it was a present for someone that didn’t drink alcohol and was to put in coffee? Want to take a bet on how long it was before I put it in alcohol?

If you guessed a week, you win! It made a great addition to a glass of cava without being too sweet. Then on Tuesday, I saw this post on Smitten Kitchen. I love Smitten Kitchen, I have the cookbook and Deb’s recipes have never failed me yet! It sounded like a plan.

However I didn’t have the time or inclination or the ingredients to hand to make the winter warmth syrup (and am I the only one that thinks this would be a good base for mulled cider?), I did have a bottle of gingerbread syrup though!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



A piece of orange peel

3/4oz of gingerbread syrup

2 dashes bitters (I used the LCS Bitters from Masters of Malt but orange would work too)

2oz bourbon rye


1. Put orange peel, syrup and bitters in a rocks glass and muddle.

2. Add whiskey, add ice cubes

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